Established in 2002.

We provide services from coast to coast, from USA, Australia, Japan, and even Amsterdam. With over 15 years of experience, we have built out reputation by exceeding our customer's expectations.
You may recognize some of our work from clients such as: Delicious Vinyl, Dimepiece, Foreign Family, Acrylick Company, The Quiet Life, The News, Gyosy Sport, SnapChat and more.
We accommodate orders of all sizes.


Meet the Owners


Vicky Hoang

Sam Lam


Azureliq Inc is a renowned business in the garment printing industry and Custom made hat (made in USA). We are celebrated for our quality workmanship and quick turnaround time to production and shipment of our product. This is the key to the garment industry. We helped our customers get their product from ideas to inception and onto the shelf in a short period of time. As a thriving small business owner, our employees are our greatest asset. Everyone is a team player working together to help the business thrive. Our employees take pride in their work.
— Azureliq Inc.


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