Do you have a room of your own where you spend time reading or relaxing or practicing your hobbies? Well if your hobby implies spending time in a room, let’s call it your hobby room, you might want to decorate it interestingly and comfortably. You might want something out of the ordinary; without knowing it, you might be looking for a decorative pillow that is unique, comfy and practical.

You can actually set up pillow decor anywhere in the house, whether it’s a giant bed that you want to stuff with decorative pillows or simply deposit them on a carpet floor. The effect will be maximized if you use different colored pillows, meaning not every pillow to be of a different color, but to have 3 or 4 (or more) shades of color. The deal here is to try to experiment with different combinations. You can go with color pallets from pink to red to lavender, from green to yellow or gray and many more other possibilities.

A decor made of pillows is something eccentric. The decorative pillows don’t have to be just plain colored; you can add a design of your own or some nice looking swirls in a complementary color. The possibilities are endless and the ambiance will make a great difference.

You could also set up some large pillows around a coffee table or some comfortable low sitting chairs that match the pillows colors. That way, you can have a tea with your best friend or you can play games at the same table with all your friends and not leaving anybody out. That, of course, if the number of friends isn’t larger than the number of extra pillows you have.

The pillow decor will also fit wonderfully in a smaller space. If you live in a studio apartment, the decor made of pillows will not only be a designer’s touch (that would be you), but also a solution for when you watch a movie with friends or plan to throw a party at your place. In this case, comfortable will become useful.